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Chloe Hastings

Tel: +44(0) 1926 691141 | Email: chloe@silverstoneauctions.com

I am an experienced administrator with a background in sales and management.

I have worked in several industries including event management for a successful British/World Superbike charity, and during that time I had the pleasure of working onsite at a number of major UK race circuits. As anyone who has worked 'backstage' at busy race meetings can tell you, it can become a little 'manic' with an ability to think on your feet essential. This serves me well during our auction weekends when, with 3-400 Lots for sale, dozens of vendors and hundreds of buyers all asking questions at the same time, being able to stay cool, calm and collected comes in handy.

I am pleased to be part of the Silverstone Auctions team where I manage the Automobilia side of the business and can utilise my existing skill set and continue to progress in an area of personal interest.