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Lot No. 209 - 1991 Porsche 928 S4

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A rare gem of a 928 in beautiful Amethyst.
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Porsche's intended replacement for the 911 may not have achieved that goal, but it wasn't for a lack of performance or technological wizardry. An alloy V8 was attached to a rear-mounted gearbox, and the galvanised body had aluminium doors and bonnet, plus body-coloured plastic bumpers - pretty radical for its time. The 928 was launched to a fanfare and surprised many by being named European Car of the Year, an award that traditionally went to worthy but dull family hatchbacks. Critics immediately recognised the advances that the 928 had made over the 911, and the car was universally praised as one of the greatest GT cars of all time. It handled, it was quick, it looked fantastic and it was comfortable. With the 928, Porsche created a serious long-distance grand touring car that could also tackle twisting B-roads with ease, thanks to super-direct steering, 50/50 weight distribution, and a clever Weissach rear axle that kept the car firmly planted. As time went on, the 928 grew ever more powerful and the S4 version that came out in 1987 had a much developed 5-litre V8 that produced 316bhp. There were a number of changes including different pistons, cylinder heads, camshafts, and larger intake valves, compared to earlier 5.0 L engines. The LH-Jetronic injection was updated, the ignition changed to the EZK system and automatics were fitted with a larger torque converter. The styling was also subtly updated with smoother nose and tail treatments that gave the car an even cleaner, sleeker look. 0-60 was now in the 5.6secs bracket and the top speed was raised to 168mph. As a true GT car the automatic gearbox, as seen in this delightful right-hand drive example, offered seamless changes perfectly complementing the long-legged 5.0-litre V8. Delivered new, we believe, to Hong Kong in 1991 in Amethyst Purple Metallic with a matching, and oh-so period, interior, this 1991 S4 was first registered in the UK on the 9th June 2003. There are invoices on file detailing quite a lot of work and attention at K2 Race Engineering and Graham Hill Motor Technicians, amongst others, and the Porsche has recently been serviced. The car is presented to auction in very good order with some 67,000 kilometres (42,000 miles) indicated, an MOT valid until January 2018, and the perfectly apt private registration A928 GEM. This 928's distinctive colour scheme and dramatic interior made it the ideal candidate for 'Modern Classics' magazine, and this car looks great  in a double-page feature about  the classic 928.  These 928s really are quite amazing machines and look like no other car before or since with inspired styling that will never go out of date. Considering that it was Porsche’s flagship model for almost two decades, with all the engineering integrity and supercar performance that this implies, it is really surprising that you can still pick them up for such modest sums today. Compared to air-cooled 911s they offer astonishing value for money, a situation that will not last much longer as prices have already begun to rise sharply. Another one to buy now before everyone else comes to the same conclusion.

Year of manufacture:
Chassis number:
# of cylinders:
Engine capacity:
Body colour:
Amethyst Red
MOT Expiry:
Thursday 18 January 2018
Right-hand Drive
Registration number:
A928 GEM
928 S4
Engine number:
Interior colour:
Amethyst Red
Odometer Reading:

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